Friday, June 22, 2012

Modern day to another world - 2

The man chuckled, waved his hand, and the swordsmen around me left in all directions. The man stood up and approached me. "Now then, about how you got here." He continued his walk past me, "Come with me." I followed him out of this room and into a hall. The hallway continued his medieval theme and he even had torches in sconces along the walls. "Did you rent this place?"

The man chuckled but didn't answer. I shrugged and kept following. Finally, we reached the front doors and walked outside. This place even had a moat! He stopped outside and I was struck by the silence. No cars, no horns, no planes. I turned around and looked at the incredible castle that we just walked out of. Nothing like this in the states, yet it all seemed terribly familiar!

Now I realized why I wasn't scared. I knew this man wasn't going to kill me. As long as I did as he said, he wasn't going to kill me. I slowly turned around and let my eyes soak in all the details. I could see a stable farther from the house, a horse drawn wagon loaded with straw, but not one modern tool. This was just too complete to be faked.

I stood there rubbing my forehead. All this was giving me a headache. It was all familiar and seemed just right. I was home and this man...I turned to him, "Father." The man smiled. I shook my head, "No! It's not possible! All this," I indicated all around me, "existed centuries ago! Long, long before my time." I looked the man, my father, in the eye, "How did you bring me here? Why? And where is here?"

He held up his hands, "Relax, Adora. I brought you here through magic. The why is because this is where you belong. The where? Well, you're not on your world anymore. You're not in your previous reality or timeline."

He paused and looked at me. "You mother is dead, correct?"

I nodded and looked away, no longer seeing what was around me. "Yes, she died many years ago. I never knew my father. Mother never talked about him much. When I did ask, she shook her head and said she left him before I was born because he was a cruel man." I looked up at him again, "She always said, 'Beware of your father'. Mother said I would know him when we met." I stopped and stared at the man in front of me. I nodded. "She was right. I do know, and you are." I looked around me again, confused. "But how did she, no we, get from here to where I came from?"

The man frowned and I saw the first signs of anger in his eyes, "I'm still wondering that myself." Then his anger disappeared and his smile returned - like flipping a switch. "Let me show you to your room. I'm sure you have much to think about."

"Wait!" I grabbed his arm to stop him, and he glared at em. I quickly released it. "What about sending me back?"

My father looked surprised and a bit confused, "Back? You're home now. You will not be going back. Besides, you have no one to go back to." With that he turned and walked back inside. I followed.

While walking, I realized he was right. I had no husband, no boyfriend, no friends that would really miss me for long, and no parents. My job would probably call my home but I doubt they would do anything more.

My room, when he opened the door, was very spartan. The bed was obviously for only one person, and there was an armoire. Other than a single window without curtains, that was the extent of the furniture.

"We will be serving breakfast soon. You may roam around my house until then. Doors will be locked to rooms you may not enter." With that my father left, closing the door behind him. I laid down on the bed - at least it is comfortable - and thought.

Well, now what? I'm in a strange land, in a low technical land, with no way to get home other than my father who doesn't want to send me home. The crazy thing is that this is all so familiar, but how could that be possible if mother left here before I was born?

I was more tired than I thought, for the next thing I knew someone was knocking on the door. "I'm awake," I called out. A male's voice called back, "I'm to escort you to lunch." I stood up and looked around the room. How do they tell time around here? I opened the door and a guard was waiting for me. I smiled and followed him down the hall. When we reached the door he wanted he opened it and stood aside for Adora to enter ahead of him.

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